Vital Statistics

(through Season 9 - "Improbable")

Name: John Jay Doggett
FBI ID Number: Unknown
Date of Birth: April 4, 1960
Birthplace: Hot Springs, GA
Height: 6 feet
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Current Address: Falls Church, VA
Distinguishing Features: None
Marital Status: Presumed single but possible divorce/widower
Current Rank: Special Agent
Current Assignment: X-Files Dept, Violent Crimes Division
Supervisor: Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Current Partner: Special Agent Monica Reyes
Weapon: Assuming FBI standard issue


(per Scully's investigation into his record in "Within")

M.A. and Phd. in Public Administration, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
FBI Academy, Quantico, VA: 1995 (?)


1977-1983: USMC, 24th Amphibious Unit, 2nd Marine Sergeant
1982-1983: Multi-National Peacekeeping Force, Lebanon

1987-1995: Detective, NYPD, Fugitives Division


Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Son: Luke John Doggett, Born 1990 (?)
Abducted by serial killer and found dead in 1997 (Empedocles)

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