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I'm sure to visit lots, ~Jamalyn

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hello eddie u hunk of a man lol ha ha ha h

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Your sight is great.

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Great site!! I'm really glad I found it!

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cool page. anyone know where I can get season 8 spoilers?

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love the sight, l will have to become a regular visitor.

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Great page, I love it.

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Nice site! I knew you were a fan, but I now know you are officially a X Files freak. You really should do a golf site. And you can post the scores of all the rounds that I whip your ass in! HA!

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cool site

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Cool page

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I absolutly love this site! it's my new favorite site! thanks!

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Love the pic on the front page, too!

A singularly excellent and informative site altogether, in fact. The reviews really are GOOD!

Ta ta for now!

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Great web page. You're a great writer.

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Looks great! X-Files Rock!

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Thank you for doing such a excellent site.
Finally a person who loves Mulder and Scully
as much as I do.

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Love the page's great

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So you're going to write a review about EVERY episode, huh?
Well then, I'll have to be on the lookout!
Oh, and I was unaware that Scully has a brother.
Thanks for the info. Great page.

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Cool pic on the front page, dude!
Hope you are doing great! I'll e-mail more later!

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Okay, had to get the ball rolling here. Hopefully, you *sign* this after reading all my entries. :-)

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