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I am new to the SG-1 fanfic world, but I appreciate the volume of great stories that have already been written. I just hope that my writing skills meet the road that has already been laid out on the internet. Please enjoy what I have done so far and comments are always welcome. Keep checking out my page. More stories will be coming soon!

Huge spoilers for Season 4's "Divide and Conquer" and "Window of Opportunity." Jack did have other loops to experience. This is a look at some of them. Jack/Sam, Humor, Angst

Post-episode story. Spoilers for Season 4's "Beneath the Surface." Jack and Sam feel awkward with each other once their memories start returning. Jack/Sam, Angst, Romance


Spoilers for Season 3's "Point of View." SG-1 receives a familar, but unexpected visitor bringing a surprise package. Jack/Sam, Angst, Romance


Spoilers for Season 3's "Shades of Grey." Sam has a college reunion to attend and needs a date. Jack/Sam, Angst, Romance


Spoilers for Season 4's "Divide and Conquer." Jack has something to ask Sam, but someone from his past almost jeopardizes his future. Jack/Sam, Angst, Romance

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